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Idahopes: an artshow for the Paulette Jordan Campaign.

Last November I had the opportunity to curate my first group show!

Nate and I moved to Idaho to work in the Paulette Jordan for Governor campaign. Paulette Jordan is a truly inspiring leader who stay true to herself and her roots and is fighting with all her heart to improve her State. She incarnates the change that Idaho needs and wants to give a voice to all the minorities that have been unheard for so long. That is how I got the idea to curate an art exhibit to celebrate local artists while featuring the Paulette Jordan movement.

After posting a call for artists on social media, the response was amazing. I received a big amount of submissions and the quality of the work was outstanding.

The show was installed at the Gem Center for the Arts and had more than 70 pieces by local artists, inspired by Paulette, her movement and/or Idaho.

Incredible painting by Len Sodenkamp (sold)

Digital painting by Hector Diaz (sold)

Three acrylic paintings by the talented Suzanne Lee Chetwood

Amazing carved wood piece by Stuart Holland

"Idaho First, Idaho Always" painted by the talented Chelsi Benger (sold)

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