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Two shows in two weeks with ROOTS

The two shows were amazing experiences.

When I look back, it makes me proud to see how we evoluted as a group. We started as classmates without anything in common besides being artists and having and no experience organizing artshows. It was very challenging and stressful at some points. But obviously it all worked out in the end, because all actions came from a good place and everyone could feel our passion for painting. It was actually a very bonding experience and am looking forward to organizing many more!


For the first show, on July 7th, we decided to auction off our paintings. As emerging artists, our goal was to get exposure in such a great gallery and make our pieces affordable. That was a successful idea because it made the show more interactive. People were curious about the silent action, and people who can't usually afford to buy original artwork had the chance to walk back home with a piece under their arms.

It was a silent auction, so people were using the papers on the table to increase their bids.

ROOTS all excited to show at 111 Minna and share that amazing night together!

Also, three prestigious artists from the Bay Area, Kevin Moore, Greg Gandy and Tomutsu Takishima, donated a piece each, so we could raffle them off and make our show more successful.

My boyfriend Nate won Greg Gandy's piece, so now I get to see it every day!!! :D


Oh man... That was a FUN and REWARDING night.

SPiN is a brand new venue in SOMA, with a very cool/street art vibe, owned by Susan Sarandon (Whaaat). So the space was already very welcoming with a nice big crowd. Lauren Magboo, SPiN's event manager, did a great job helping us out with the art show. ROOTS showed some pieces in their VIP room. But the best part is that we got to paint live and that was amazing!!! I've never felt so comfortable doing anything in public.

It's funny because we didn't plan anything and we all were pretty skeptical about the whole experience. Basically because we all have such different styles and techniques, and had no experience painting life. I was ready for an embarrassing mess. However it turned out really good. The viewers really got into it, a complete build-destroy-rebuild-redestroy process where nobody was in charge and there were no rules. It didn't matter how good something looked, because most likely somebody would come and paint over it. It was hard to stop, but the result was a nice surprise. Some people told me they regretted not buying raffle tickets to win the final product!

Kenny and I, in first stage of the painting.

ROOTS (painting in progress)

The final painting!

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