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Spring Show - A beautiful way to end my journey at AAU

Last Monday was bittersweet day. My BFA was officially over! Going to the Academy of Art is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Everyone is born with a series of skills and therefore a series of responsibilities, and I ignored mine for a while. The Academy allowed me to do an intensive program of only two years and obtain a 2nd BFA. I thought that would be a lifetime, and now I wish I could do two more and keep learning at this speed.

I learned amazing art-related things. Basically they taught me how to SEE; from anatomy to atmospheric perspective going through all sorts of beautiful things. I met incredible and inspiring souls. I got thicker skin and a little more patience -still working on this one!. I learned that Mondays can be the best day of the week if you decide so. I definitely will miss this school and its professors.

I thought that feeling was basically one way. In two years I didn't have much time as most students to get comfortable and get to really know the school. My style also ended going in a different directions from the Academy's. However, last Monday I was honored to receive an award for "Unique Vision", which I thing was the best thing that could happen to me in that award ceremony! I was glad to be recognized for embracing my weirdness.

After that, we went to the Spring Show and it was a blast. It was soooo crowded and everyone was so excited. I was honored to show among such talented classmates and friends. I am going to miss that competition constantly kicking in the butt too, that's for sure!

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