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Road Trip to LA! Coaster Show + "I'm Feeling Neutral"

Those who know me, know I love and miss LA with all my heart. Can you imagine how excited I was to show there for the first time and have two shows the same weekend?!

The Annual Coaster Show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery was great! It such a good and fun idea and they do a fantastic job hanging all those coasters. I was honored to be part of such a memorable event with a very interesting and peculiar crowd. I miss LA!

You can see all the coasters here:

The Co-Lab Gallery is a little gem in Highland Park. It's a very playful, fun and affordable gallery, where you can also find awesome gifts and attend artsy workshops! You should definitely check it out if you are in that area:

I was invited to participate in September's show "I'm Feeling Neutral" and I showed these three pieces:

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