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1st ROOTS' Pop-up Show Coming Up !!

After a whole semester working on it, ROOTS is ready to show a whole body of work at 111 Minna Gallery!

ROOTS is a group of 7 emerging artists who met at the Academy of Art and took a class together. Meeting every week, each of us worked in a different body of work. Our group has a common passion and motivation and is also very eclectic. Each one of us will show a unique series with a distinctive style, ranging from pure abstraction to surrealism, through landscapes, street art, etc.

On July 7th, we will have a one-night show at 111 Minna, and all the paintings will be auctioned off. This way, people will have the chance to buy affordable art while supporting emerging local artists.

We are REALLY excited and hope to see you all there! :)

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