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"Sanctuary" at the DE YOUNG Museum!

The De Young Museum organized a three-day event hosting a juried showcase of visual art and film with the theme Sanctuary.

I was honored to be part of it with my piece "Kingdom of Empty Thoughts", a 36" x 24" oil painting. This piece depicts a man who, naked and with empty hands, realizes he has nothing to lose and becomes powerful, the king of his own sanctuary.

Friday Nights at the DY are a really nice event to attend, with live music and bars in the open space of the museum. That's how we got such an amazing big crowd. By being under the same roof as so many incredible masters, the public was very excited about our show. There was even a line to get in! It is always nice to stand next to your own piece and be able to explain the meaning behind it and the process to those who are curious about it.

Thanks again to the Education Team who organized it, the rest of participants, and everyone who came! It was such a great experience.

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