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This series is dedicated to women's outer and inner beauty.

In this current climate, more and more women are experiencing an awakening that is hard to put into words. This feeling of sisterhood and pride keeps spreading as more women find their voices, share their stories and as we realize that we didn't decide to participate in this programmed rivalry. Together we are stronger and unstoppable. 

With this series, I used animals and flat color backgrounds to embrace the uniqueness of each character and highlight their personality. I believe that this worldwide army of women is based on the authenticity of each person's nature, on not trying to meet anyone's standards but our own. At the end of the day, we created stigma's based on air. There is beauty in being an introvert, in being sensitive, in being cold-blooded, in being however you need to be. As long as we are respectful and fight to improve ourselves every day, there is a place for us in this society, and we should feel good about our DNA, our culture, our soul. 

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