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“The Weight of the Soul” is a series inspired by the novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Milan Kundera, and attempts to address the concept of “weight” in a symbolic manner. Most people would say "lightness" is better than “heaviness” — but why?


Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the feeling that every act or decision seems in vain because at the end of the day we were and will turn into dust – an unbearable lightness. On the other hand, I find comfort in commitment, morals, strong relationships, hard work, self-demand ... things that may feel like a burden, but bring me a sense of purpose.  


In this series, you will find a lot of marble, symbolizing my ultimate ideal.  It is commonly perceived as a "noble" stone, used for temples and sculptures, and it makes me think of morals and ideals, of beautiful weight. I also used different types of stones, whales, and elephants, to underline that same idea. To symbolize the idea of lightness, I used dried petals, paper, strings, feathers. 


The pieces range from pure heaviness (a girl curved in a ball under a pile of stones) to the overwhelming lightness (a high key painting with a figure surrounded by paper). However, there are layers/paintings in between, where my true happiness lives – controlling that weight. This control or power is illustrated by the characters making stones levitate.  

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